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Wake Up!! It’s time to Build your Business Credit Physical Books

Wake Up!! It’s time to Build your Business Credit Physical Books

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In 2021 we’re separating our business from our personal credit. This Bundle has nothing to do with working on your personal credit. This is strictly for those looking to build business credit fresh from scratch or with an existing business.

  • You will learn how to start a Business 101
  • How to separate your personal credit from your business credit
  • How to structure your business so it’s loan ready
  • How to Build your Business Credit in 90 days or less
  • Direct names to Commercial Accounts
  • Which Business Credit Cards to apply for and when you will be eligible
  • What your business credit score should be (Paydex Score)
  • Which lenders to go to and receive direct funding same day
  • How to utilize your business credit to save on travel, food, gas and everyday business expenses.
  • How to obtain a BANK LOAN for your business.
  • Goal tracker worksheet for your business
  • And much much more

This kit is packed with so much info. You cannot start 2021 without.

What you will receive.

  1. Wake Up!! It’s Time to Build your Business Credit Official Book
  2. CEO’s first 15 Net 30 Accounts
  3. Paydex Score Tracker
  4. Startup Vendor Tracker Cards
  5. Your score is in good shape 80+ You should be eligible to apply for these Credit Cards
  6. Start/Structure your business eBook print out